The Werkspoorkwartier is within cycling distance of the city centre and offers an excellent bus connection and its own train station (Station Zuilen). Especially attractive to city-minded companies and the creative sector. One of the most high-profile buildings in the area is the Werkspoorkathedraal with a pub, restaurant and an enormous industrial heritage hall where creative entrepreneurs can be accomodated as well as organise events.

The current industrial site is transforming into a leading business location for manufacturing companies and creative start-ups. With over 10,000 square meters of new activities and more than 200 new jobs – in part made possible by redeveloping vacant properties – this development is stimulating the competitive position of the region. This is what makes the Werkspoorkwartier the circular breeding grounds of Utrecht. The transformation is still ongoing. On the greenbelt alongside the railway, Utrecht has recently starting building the Hof of Cartesius: a new, green place to work where creative, sustainable entrepreneurs are building their own workplace around a public garden.