Werkspoorkwartier is within cycling distance of Utrecht city centre and is served by excellent public transport facilities, including Zuilen railway station. Companies and firms belonging to the creative sector tend to be attracted to this area. One of the district’s most high-profile buildings, Werkspoorkathedraal, is an event centre with a pub, restaurant, an enormous industrial heritage hall and office space.

The area used to be an industrial site, but is now being transformed into a leading business location for manufacturing companies and creative start-ups. With more than 200 jobs created and over 10,000 square metres of space, partly made possible by redeveloping vacant properties, the location’s competitive position is receiving a major boost. Werkspoorkwartier has become the city’s breeding ground for the circular economy.

In addition, the Hof of Cartesius is being developed on land alongside the railway. This green initiative will be home to creative entrepreneurs with a commitment to sustainability. Workspaces will be built around a public garden.