Committed corona support for entrepreneurs

The corona crisis is affecting a lot of businesses and many of them need support and help. The Utrecht Region Economic Corona Alliance (URECA) is set up to give regional entrepreneurs committed support during these uncertain times. This alliance is a network of devoted businesses and specialists from the province of Utrecht and local municipalities. These professionals can answer all business related questions independently. So far, the alliance was able to help more than 110 regional entrepreneurs.

A view on the future

Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar, project leader of URECA: "We are answering all questions from regional entrepreneurs who want to make their company future-proof in corona times. In the beginning, I was the only person who received questions. Now we assembled a team of sixteen other businesses to contribute. Since the start of URECA in early April, we were able to help over 110 entrepreneurs. I am sure we can be a valuable sounding board for many more businesses. That is why we will continue helping and supporting entrepreneurs in need.”

Unconditional support

Caroline van Bemmel, a business strategy specialist at the Utrecht based PATIENT+, received personal help from Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar: "The best thing about my contact with Gert Jan was that I was able to share my story with him as an independent advisor. In such a stressful situation, you need help from someone who looks at your situation from a distance, gives honest advice and understands and supports you. Gert Jan not only understood my situation, he also helped me find my way. He thinks in possibilities. That unconditional support was very valuable."

Platform & free webinars

URECA not only helps entrepreneurs personally with business related questions, they also share their knowledge and tips in articles on an online platform. Furthermore, they also organise free webinars. So far, three webinars have been broadcasted, allowing entrepreneurs to gain more information about corona related measures and initiatives in an accessible way, for example about the Corona Bridging Loan*.

Are you an entrepreneur from Utrecht Region and could you use some help during these uncertain times? Then ask your question to the experts of URECA.


*This special bridging loan is one of the additional government measures to support entrepreneurs due to the economic consequences of the corona crisis.