Deputy Robert Strijk visits Life Science axis in Bilthoven

On January the 10th, Deputy Robert Strijk from the province of Utrecht and alderman Madeleine Bakker (economy) of the municipality of De Bilt visited companies at the Life Science axis in Bilthoven.

The municipality of De Bilt is traditionally popular for its high-quality, knowledge-intensive companies and institutions. Companies such as Sweco, Intravacc, Bilthoven Biologicals, RIVM and KNMI are renowned in the municipality and form a part of the Life Science axis, which runs from the Berg and Bosch site to the Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven.

Deputy Strijk and his companions were given a tour at the Bilthoven Biologicals company. Bilthoven Biologicals develops and produces vaccines. It is estimated that more than 30% of current vaccines are produced from Bilthoven on a worldwide basis. Deputy Robert Strijk: “I am impressed by the active significance that companies and activities at the Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven play in the field of virus control. For example, the global eradication of polio would not have been that far without Bilthoven. It once again underlines the importance of cooperation between business, province, municipality and education."

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