The world’s longest solar panel cycle path opened in Utrecht Region

The world's longest solar cycle path has opened in Maartensdijk in Utrecht Region. It is a pilot project of the province of Utrecht in which space is used twice: both for bicycles and the generation of sustainable energy. If successful, the province wants to use solar cycle paths on a larger scale.

The 300 metre long cycle path consists of translucent concrete blocks that generate sustainable energy. The generated energy can create enough electricity for 40 households and can be used for street lighting or road surface heating. The bike path is safe, comfortable and maintenance-friendly due to new insights, materials and techniques.

The cycle lane is a pilot project of the province of Utrecht in collaboration with constructor Strukton Civil. ‘If it works out well, we will create more solar panel bike paths,’ says Arne Schaddelee, deputy of the Province of Utrecht.

The province of Utrecht wants to be energy neutral by 2040. Generating sustainable energy with solar panels on roads is seen as promising. Arne Schaddelee: “[…]This solar cycle path in Maartensdijk fits within our policy to make the road infrastructure more sustainable and to use fewer fossil fuels.”