The Netherlands has a rich history of innovation that continues to today: in 2019, it claimed third place in the Global Innovation Index (WIPO). Utrecht Region is not just the most innovative region in our country, but also the European front runner when it comes to creating and implementing health innovation, smart mobility and green technology initiatives. 

Utrecht Region: hotspot for Healthy Urban Living

European front-runner

Utrecht Region is the most innovative region in the Netherlands (Regional Innovation Scoreboard, European Commission 2019) and scores well on public-private partnerships and higher education. Our business climate is not only innovative and progressive but green and approachable. Utrecht Region is the European front runner in creating and implementing various solutions and initiatives in the following areas: future energy systems, health innovation, smart mobility and sustainable urban planning. Read the Healthy Urban Living leaflet for more information.

Urban sustainable transformation

At Utrecht Science Park, research into Life Sciences and Health is underpinned by a commitment to Sustainability. The focus on sustainability informs research and development activities in various areas. They include water quality and management, climate and ecosystems, future energy and resources, the circular economy, smart cities and Healthy Urban Living.

Utrecht Region offers room for companies to develop, test and market new solutions for Healthy Urban Living on an international scale. It’s a perfect open-innovation ecosystem where people devise and apply creative technologies. Utrecht Central Station is a textbook example of urban sustainable transformation in the Netherlands.

To set up your business in Utrecht Region is to join one of the most innovative, healthy and sustainable business environments in the Netherlands. We can help you not only establish but also ramp up your operations here.

Utrecht Inc. start-up incubator

Various hubs in Utrecht Region focus on innovative sustainability. Utrecht University’s incubator, Utrecht Inc., is a creative hotspot for start-ups in the fields of health, healthy environments and education. It’s also one of the world's best university incubators (World Top Business Incubator, 2018). Startup Utrecht drives innovative start-ups and scale-ups in the region by helping them gain access to capital, corporates, customers and skills.

Other creative hotspots for entrepreneurs and organisations that focus on green initiatives and technology include the Utrecht Community (UCo), Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile, Energy Solutions Incubator (ESI), Social Impact Factory and Hof van Cartesius.

Key business opportunities

  • Circular construction
  • Future energy systems
  • Smart mobility
  • Health innovation
  • Public health

Key advantages of Utrecht Region

Key sectors

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