Key sectors

Utrecht Region is a front runner in regenerative medicine, stem cell and cancer research, early life and medical nutrition, applied gaming, smart sustainable cities and urban mobility. The region’s thriving economy is focused on competitive smart solutions, green policies, innovation and health. Are you considering investing in the Netherlands? Tap into the key investment opportunities in Utrecht Region.

Life Sciences & Health

Utrecht Region is the beating heart of the Netherlands' healthcare industry. Entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers work closely with university medical centres. Key investment opportunities include public health, stem cell and regenerative medicine and healthcare innovation.

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Digital & Creative

Utrecht Region is a driving force behind IT innovation and design in the Netherlands as well as a major hotspot for the gaming industry. Key investment opportunities include software and services, cloud computing, video games and virtual reality, applied games and fintech.

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Sustainability & Innovation

The most innovative region in the Netherlands, Utrecht Region is the hotspot for Healthy Urban Living and progressive sustainability. Key investment opportunities include smart mobility, smart sustainable cities, green technology and health innovation.

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