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Utrecht Region is a driving force behind IT innovation and design in the Netherlands as well as a major hotspot for the Dutch gaming industry. It plays a leading role in software and services, e-health, virtual reality, cloud computing, fintech and the Internet of Things. Many multinational IT companies, such as Capgemini, Fujitsu, Oracle, Sogeti and VodafoneZiggo, have their headquarters in Utrecht Region.

Utrecht Region - at the heart of the Dutch creative industry

Leading tech and IT companies have long been drawn to the Netherlands because of its excellent digital infrastructure,tech-savvy, multilingual workforce and competitive tax climate. Some 65% of all Forbes 2000 companies in the industry have established an office here. The Netherlands is ranked first in Europe for outstanding use of IT: 70% of all Dutch innovation is IT related (World Economic Forum Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report). A lot of that innovation takes place in Utrecht Region.

IT innovation and design

Utrecht Region is home to new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Lisk Centre Utrecht, for example, offers co-working spaces and organises events for companies and individuals working on blockchain-related activities. The blockchain lab at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht aims to develop and share knowledge about applications of blockchain technology in pillars of Utrecht Region’s economy, such as supply chains, fintech and health. Utrecht Inc., Utrecht University’s incubator, and the forthcoming accelerator Delta Ventures Lab enable innovative start-ups to grow.

The Dutch game industry

The Netherlands is well known for its thriving creative industry, which is particularly strong in industrial design, fashion, advertising and video games. Utrecht Region is a major hotspot for the Dutch game industry. It’s home to a thriving indie game scene and inspired applied game developers. Many of the country’s award-winning independent game studios, including Vlambeer and Ronimo Games, were born in the Utrecht-based incubator Dutch Game Garden.

Connecting technology with people and society

Innovation, business and creativity intersect in Utrecht Region. Exciting tech concepts arrive from our neighbours, such as High-Tech Campus Eindhoven and Delft University of Technology. We approach them with an inventive yet pragmatic mindset. Utrecht Region is a place where ideas cross industry lines and are transformed into cutting-edge solutions for Healthy Urban Living.

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Key advantages of Utrecht Region

Key investment opportunities

  • Software and services
  • Cloud computing
  • Video games and virtual reality
  • Applied games
  • Fintech

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