Success stories

Discover the stories of companies that are already established in Utrecht Region and get inspired.

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Meet Turacoz

Turacoz is an ISO Certified, medical writing company that offers support to pharmaceutical and related industries as well as research institutes and healthcare organizations across their complete product life cycle.

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Meet BBio

The mantra ‘vaccines for a better world’ is the underlying driving force behind the growth and success of Bilthoven Biologicals, also known as BBio, located at the Utrecht Science Park in Bilthoven, the Netherlands.

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Meet Kao

Making life beautiful. Kao - 'face' in Japanese - literally makes people's lives since 1887 a bit more beautiful with beauty products.

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Meet Genmab

Genmab is the largest biotech company by market capitalization, with Danish roots, and has operations in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the US, and Japan.

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