Meet 033Energie

About the company

The 033Energie Foundation strives to realise as many energy-neutral homes in the Utrecht Region as possible by 2030. Together with various consultants, builders, installers, knowledge institutions and communication advisers, they are taking great steps to achieve this. They specifically work within various product-market combinations on the so-called ‘Zero On the Meter’ offers for homeowners.

An example of a 'Zero on the Meter' home

Solving problems in the market

Herman Schotman, project manager 033Energie, focuses on solving three market problems and seeking cooperation with different specialists. “The first market problem is that homeowners often understand the use of double glazing and solar panels, but not the use of becoming gas-free or creating a healthy indoor climate. That is why we have recruited special advisers, built model homes, and set up a showroom and Energy Desk. Furthermore, builders and installers often lack knowledge and expertise in energetic total renovations. Therefore, we encourage cooperation and knowledge sharing. In practice, we notice that many good builders and installers need this because they want to expand their future-proof knowledge. We are also looking for the right financing options to keep energy-neutral homes affordable by, for example spreading investments over a more extended period and by seeking housing cost neutrality possibilities. In the end, homeowners shouldn’t pay more for their utilities and rent or mortgage. 


Project manager Herman Schotman 

Different product-market combinations

"Each product-market combination that we have designed in collaboration with our partners has a different focus. Think of: monuments, 1930s houses, 1970s houses and VVEs. We are working on upscaling the product-market combination for homes from 1995 and VVEs. An iconic project for VVEs is, for example, the Hamershof in Leusden, where 97 homes have been made ‘Zero On the Meter’. We have also realised a model home here. Currently, we serve more than 100 VVEs, 10 of which we have given extensive advice. These large numbers are important and necessary to keep everything affordable."

Expansion to other national regions

"We have made an organisational basis model and concept that is also applicable and scalable for other regions. They can use this as a basis to make it fit into their needs and gains. Our advisors play a role in every region, but many regional parties do the implementation. Per region, you should think of 3,000 to 5,000 homes that must be renovated to 'Zero On The Meter' to meet all climate targets. That is a big challenge, but with the right expertise and know-how, we can make a significant difference.”