Meet byAr Bicycle

About the company

Contemporary designed electric bicycles without chain drives. That may sound futuristic, but byAr already produces and sells such bikes since 2019. The bicycles are handmade and almost maintenance-free. In European countries where bicycles are an emerging means of transport, the byAr is about to become a hit.

From inventive design to production

Designer Renier Meuwissen from Amersfoort is the initiator and designer of byAr. The idea arose in 2013 when Renier was involved with young people in need of special attention. "Back then, I started to design a sustainable bike that would need only limited maintenance." After Renier came into contact with Willy Nijland of Nijland cycling, the development process could begin. "It took us years to get everything perfect. The frame, cardan shaft, motor, spokes and many more parts of the bicycle are not standard, so the production process for all those parts had to be thought out separately. In total, it took about five years before we were ready for production."

Renier Meuwissen, Initiator and designer of byAr 

Cardan shafts instead of chain drives

The byAr bicycles are unique in many ways. "Every byAr is put together by hand with 95% tailored, good quality parts. Besides, the bicycles are driven with cardan shafts instead of chains. This makes the bicycles more distinguished looking, sustainable and almost maintenance-free." Despite these innovations, there is not much demand yet for these bicycles in the Netherlands. "I discovered that most Dutch people like to stick to their traditional bikes. On the contrary, we experience a lot of interest in other European countries where the bicycle is an emerging means of transport."

"We focus on producing and selling bicycles to whom cycling is not part of their lifestyle yet, but who are potentially interested in our luxury bicycles."


Cycling as a lifestyle for everyone

“Generally speaking, ten years ago the bicycle was still associated with cheap transport for those who could not afford anything better. Now cycling is gaining popularity among highly educated and successful city dwellers. Therefore, the need slowly arises for a new, premium segment of bicycles that fits the status seekers' lifestyle." ByAr cleverly responds to this with its state-of-the-art designed bicycles. "We focus on producing and selling bicycles to whom cycling is not part of their lifestyle yet, but who are potentially interested in our luxury bicycles."

Expansion to Germany and the rest of Europe

In 2020, byAr started its expansion to Germany that is so far very successful. "Through a lot of free publicity, many Germans receive the byAr bicycles as the new, innovative bicycle of the future. That makes us feel very appreciated." To reinforce their expansion, Renier has started working together with the Utrecht Region team. "This team knows a lot about international business and also has a large network in Germany. Together we will look at how we can further expand byAr the coming years through Europe, with a focus on Germany."