Meet Lisk Center Utrecht

About the company

Lisk Center Utrecht is a community driven blockchain innovation center. It provides an open workspace and encourages community members to work together and to find new possibilities to enlarge the blockchain ecosystem. Community members share their knowledge and help organise events such as; meetups, workshops, brainstorms and knowledge sessions. In addition, an incubator and accelerator program is being developed in collaboration with community members to provide startups with the help they need to grow. In a study by dGen, Lisk Center Utrecht has been mentioned as an important player in the Dutch ecosystem.

Jurre Machielsen, co-founder Lisk Center Utrecht: “We believe that Utrecht has an ecosystem advantage with its central location, knowledge and entrepreneurial mindset.”

“Bringing Dutch blockchain minded people together, both for open workspace purposes and meetups, Utrecht has become more attractive than the capital city Amsterdam with regard to blockchain communities. It only takes 35 minutes of travel by train to get from Amsterdam to the Lisk Center Utrecht.  

We believe it is necessary to involve all stakeholders to create a decentralised future. We think that Utrecht has an ecosystem advantage with its central location, international recognized knowledge institutions and entrepreneurial mindset.”

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