Meet Orbisk

About the company

Every year we throw away a third of all food produced worldwide. In the Dutch food services industry, food waste even rises up to 50%. How can we systematically combat this food waste? The automatic waste monitor of the Utrecht-based startup Orbisk offers the solution. Using this monitor, restaurants can optimise their process and save costs to contribute to a more sustainable world.

The frontrunner in food waste innovation

The automatic waste monitor of Orbisk has a unique design and technique to measure food waste. CEO and co-founder Olaf van der Veen explains: "After a plug-and-play installation in a restaurant kitchen, the monitor is immediately ready for use. The in-build smart camera with AI technology automatically recognises which products are being thrown away. Staff training is not required and registration of waste products is automatically done by monitor." Based on the collected data outcome, restaurants can optimise their supply, purchasing process, or menu to save costs and prevent unnecessary food waste. "Our smart assistant helps chefs, making their work easier and more efficient."

CEO and co-founder Olaf van der Veen

Worldwide change through collaboration

Orbisk's services have not gone unnoticed; many Dutch food services chains already use their services, such as Accor and Albron. They have also recently entered into a partnership with Unilever Food Solutions to empower their vision to change the world food system for good. "We believe we can only solve the world food waste challenge together with like-minded partners. UFS's plan includes halving the food waste in their global activities from factory to shelf by 2025 and translating this into the food services industry. That's why we concluded we could reinforce each other's plans and hopefully reach even more chefs and restaurant entrepreneurs."

A future without food waste

In line with their partnership with UFS, Van der Veen and his team are currently working on future-proof plans. "We are exploring the market opportunities in Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain, and conducting several pilots. Besides, we are continuously improving our AI technology, to make our services more affordable and better accessible for the complete food services industry. Eventually, we want to give every restaurant the chance to gain insight into their waste flow to take specific actions. Only that way we can realise a future without any food waste in the food services industry."

Currently, their office is located in Utrecht City. "Utrecht City is the perfect base for us. It is centrally located and easily accessible, both nationally and internationally, by train, car and plane.”