Meet Turacoz

About the company

Turacoz is an ISO Certified, medical writing company that offers support to pharmaceutical and related industries as well as research institutes and healthcare organizations across their complete product life cycle. They aim to provide customized and cost-effective solutions for medical writing requirements in all major therapeutic areas.

A one-stop solution

Turacoz is one of the best technical sound organizations that deliver high standard quality work in the medical communication industry. They are a one-stop solution company for all the medical communication related to the Pharma-Healthcare market. Headquartered in India, they have subsidiaries in Singapore, Canada, United States, and the Netherlands. They have been comprehensively and effectively supporting over 200+ clients from research institutes and 50+ clients from the Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device industry around the world.

Improving patients’ outcomes

At Turacoz, the technical team is well equipped to deliver scientific communication in a more plausible and significant manner to improve patient outcomes.“Our team assures a methodical approach, adopting the right technologies to deliver a clear and concise message to patient outcomes”, says founder Dr. Namrata Singh. It is their goal to partner up with more renowned public and private organisations in the coming years, making Turacoz one of the top medical communications firms in Europe demonstrating compliance with European requirements.

Besides, they want to partner with academic institutes to identify the skill gaps for the employability of local medical students. It is their plan to implement their global accredited training programs for students in the Netherlands and help them to get integrated into the current resource pool. 

New business opportunities from Utrecht Region

“Utrecht Region’s Life Sciences & Health sector consists of a unique combination of academic and business players, who serve as the ideal set of prospective clients and environment for a company like ours. Additionally, the smart solutions, growing economy, and green policies of the region provide a perfect blend of opportunities for any organisation to grow in this part of the world”, says Dr. Namrata Singh.