Meet Yokogawa

About the company

Yokogawa is a worldwide leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions. The Japanese company has been firmly rooted in Utrecht Region for almost forty years. Their office in the city of Amersfoort is not only the Dutch entity that automates complex plant processes throughout the Netherlands, but it is also the European headquarters.

Creating higher safety for people and processes

Automating gaseous and liquid processes in plants is what Yokogawa focuses on. This means that they are active in the oil and gas industry, but also in the chemical, petrochemical, renewable energy, pharmaceutical and food industries. Wherever gases and liquids flow. The processes in comparable plants are controlled by cutting-edge software and hardware that they develop themselves. This way they are creating higher safety for people and processes with improved yields all over the world.

Energy transition opportunities

Sustainability is high on the industry’s agenda these days. Managing director Peter Roodenburg has a clear vision on this subject for the coming years. As far as Peter is concerned, Europe should continue to lead in the energy transition. For instance, in the hydrogen economy in which Yokogawa has great faith and would like to contribute to the nationwide energy transition. ''If the Dutch goverment proactively pursues a clear energy transition policy, I believe the Netherlands could become an example for many other countries partly because of our knowledge and positioning.“

“We need several energy storage and transportation options, for energy produced by for example wind or solar and hydrogen create endless possibilities. I am convinced that Yokogawa can contribute to the technical aspects of the energy transition, whereby standardisation and clear and stable governmental policies are essential enablers; to do this swiftly and to create coexistence with the existing infrastructure.''

Utrecht Region: an ideal headquarters location

The focus in Utrecht Region on healthy living in an urban environment is close to Yokogawa's corporate DNA. “We also attach great importance to a healthy climate for everyone and co-innovate with our customers and partners to help achieve the net-zero emissions targets in the industry. I am very proud to be a member of this beautiful company with a great team of almost 500 people in the Netherlands.“

“Talking about healthy climate: this region offers our employees a green living and working environment, which is also very easily accessible. And above that, the many facilities ensure us that Amersfoort is the ideal location for our European headquarters.” He continues: “We are truly a people’s company. Our employees come from all over the world, although a large part is Dutch. That's because Yokogawa strongly believes in bonding with the local culture.”

Read on the Yokogawa website how they assist the industry with renewable energy applications, contributing to the sustainable development goals.