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The Japanese company Yokogawa has been firmly rooted in the province of Utrecht and in the municipality of Amersfoort for almost forty years. With Amersfoort as an important focus point; it is not only the Dutch department that automates complex factory processes, but it is also the European headquarters.

At Yokogawa they focus on automating gaseous and liquid processes in factories. This means that they are active in the oil and gas industry, but also in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Wherever gases and liquids flow. The processes in comparable factories are controlled by software and hardware that they develop themselves. For example, they measure parameters such as temperature, acidity (pH) and conductivity. These measurements are produced in digital signals, which automatically direct the processes.

Will de Groot, managing director at Yokogawa: "Amersfoort clearly feels like our home."

“With its central location and good accessibility, Amersfoort is an excellent location. Moreover, we were able to buy land there at a beautiful location in the completely new business park Vathorst. The high-quality appearance of this park suits our company.

Amersfoort clearly feels like our home. In the Japanese corporate culture, and certainly that of Yokogawa, much value is attached to the long term. I once called it the Yokogawa family. If it feels good somewhere, like in Amersfoort, we will remain loyal to it for a long time.

We value a healthy living climate for everyone, that is one of the goals we have embraced with Yokogawa. We appreciate that Utrecht is a pioneer in developing initiatives in this area. If there are possibilities, we would like to seek cooperation with projects in the Utrecht region.”

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Photo credits: Bram Petraeus & Sjoerd Mouissie