Healthy living and working

Utrecht Region wants all people in society to lead happy and healthy lives. It aims to accelerate the thriving economy by implementing innovative solutions for healthy living and encouraging cooperation between government, businesses, universities, hospitals and residents. A happy and healthy community attracts highly skilled professionals and innovators from all over the world in search of greener, smarter and healthier lives.

Open-innovation ecosystem

Utrecht Region is an open-innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands that successfully combines rapid urbanisation and economic growth with green innovations. It sets the standard for Healthy Urban Living, both in the Netherlands and Europe.

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Combining urban living and nature

Utrecht Region offers an ideal combination of lively cities, peaceful villages and nature. Its cities are historic, charming, compact and child friendly. They are also vibrant and burst with cultural events and festivals throughout the year. While Utrecht rests on ancient Roman foundations, its population is the youngest of any city in the Netherlands. Both Amersfoort and Utrecht are repeatedly ranked as one of the best Dutch cities to live and work in (Elsevier, 2020). Hilversum is the media capital of the country, where all state-of-the-art digital media innovations are conceived.

Walkable and bike-friendly

The region’s cities, including Hilversum, Amersfoort and Utrecht, are pocket-sized metropolises. They are open, accessible and welcoming and can easily be explored by foot or bicycle. The city of Utrecht is ranked as the best cycling city in the world (Coya Global Bicycle Cities Index, 2019). ‘Cycling highways’ were constructed to accommodate the 100,000 cyclists who travel through the city every day. We encourage you to discover Utrecht Region by cycling, to experience the bike-friendly Dutch way of life

Healthy people, minds & environment

Ingenious technologies in Life Sciences & Health and Sustainability are being developed at Utrecht Science Park, the largest science park in the Netherlands. Here, academic institutions, research centres and the private sector collaborate to create new solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives. Find out more about innovative, sustainable solutions for Healthy Urban Living.

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Business opportunities in Utrecht Region

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