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The Netherlands: one of the world’s most concentrated life sciences and health clusters

In the Netherlands, more than 2,900 life sciences and health companies, world-class research centres and academic institutes are located in close proximity to each other. This high concentration of biopharma businesses and institutes, combined with a strong tradition of strategic partnerships between science, industry and government, makes the Netherlands a perfect location for R&D innovation in Europe. And all life sciences & health communities in the country are linked by first-class physical and digital infrastructure.

A few key facts about the Netherlands

The relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Amsterdam gives a new impetus to the industry. The EMA, a decentralised agency of the European Union, ensures the safety, effectiveness and quality standards of all medicines available on the EU market.

Utrecht Region: the heart of the Netherlands’ healthcare industry

In the heart of the Netherlands, entrepreneurs, scientists and academics work closely with university medical centres to create a healthy and sustainable living environment. This collaborative research ecosystem and a highly educated workforce make Utrecht Region an ideal base for R&D operations. Additionally, Utrecht Region’s central geographic position, combined with its excellent infrastructure, makes it the location of choice for warehousing and distribution activities.

Utrecht Science Park

Utrecht Science Park is a vibrant, dynamic and exciting place to work, to study and to interact. It brings together competencies in the fields of research, education, clinical care and entrepreneurship. This combined expertise is used for designing and creating healthier, safer and more sustainable cities for today and for future generations. Strategic themes within the fields of life sciences & health and sustainability support this ambition. 

Utrecht Science Park has two complementary locations, one in Utrecht and one in Bilthoven. At the main location in Utrecht, the focus is on research, education, clinical care and entrepreneurship, while the focus at the satellite site in Bilthoven is on product development, product improvement and manufacturing, with an emphasis on vaccines.

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Key advantages of Utrecht Region

Talented & Scientific Minds

The presence of leading companies, high-quality research and academic institutes provides access to a pool of highly qualified talent. The Princess Maxima Center for Paediatric Oncology, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Graduate School of Life Sciences and SOMT University of Physiotherapy all contribute to a high level of training and education.

Easy access to clients

Utrecht Region’s central location makes it easy to reach a growing Dutch and European market. As a result, many medical companies have located their warehouse and distribution centres in Utrecht Region.

Multidisciplinary Collaborations

Utrecht Region’s innovative research is carried out through pioneering public-private partnerships. These partnerships provide opportunities to enhance innovation and commercialisation by connecting academics with key business players in order to translate scientific discoveries into valuable, market-ready patient care.

Key investment opportunities

  • Personalised medicine & health (cancer, brain, cardiovascular)
  • Regenerative medicine & stem cells (organoids, biofabrication)
  • One Health (human health, veterinary health and healthy environment)
  • Healthcare innovation (e-health, MedTech)
  • Image-guided interventions
  • Future food and specialised nutrition

“Our location at Utrecht Science Park in proximity to our partners supports our R&D activities in various ways. It also makes it easier for us to involve bright students and fresh outside ideas into our research programmes.”

Johan Garssen, professor at Utrecht University and platform director at Danone Nutricia Research



The Netherlands and the European Union have various financial programmes in place to support research and development. These include fiscal incentives, co-financing instruments, public funds and private capital.

We’d be happy to help you identify R&D partners and incentives that will support accelerating the development of your innovative business in the Netherlands.

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