Utrecht Region is conveniently situated in the heart of the Netherlands, the most connected country in the world (DHL Global Connectedness Index 2018). Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the port of Rotterdam and Utrecht’s inland port and railway hub, combined with an excellent road infrastructure, make Utrecht Region a gateway to other parts of the country, the continent and the world.

A transport hub

Utrecht Region’s convenient location in the centre of the Netherlands means you'll find it easy to get here, and easy to get around. Utrecht, alongside the other big Dutch cities, is part of the most connected country in the world.

Digital connectivity

The Netherlands is at the centre of Europe’s digital infrastructure and leader in data centre growth. The country enjoys excellent broadband penetration and connection speeds, along with one of the world’s most mature and effective cyber-security policies. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the largest internet exchange points in the world.

A prime location for headquarters and marketing & sales offices

Utrecht Region’s central location within the Netherlands, with excellent connections on road, air, water and rail, its world-class digital infrastructure, a competitive business and tax climate and a talented, multilingual workforce make it the perfect location for international companies to base their headquarters or marketing & sales operations in. With many European commercial centres such as London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Hamburg accessible within a few hours by train, establishing a marketing & sales office in the region will put you in easy reach of a large consumer market with substantial purchasing power.

Logistics hotspot

The Netherlands has a highly developed transport and digital infrastructure, making it one of the most important players within the fast-growing logistics market. Utrecht Region plays a key role in the Netherlands’ logistics industry and is particularly strong in developing efficient distribution networks and high-value information systems. The region is home to numerous warehouses, distribution centres and logistics service providers.

“Customers appreciate our central location and accessibility, and it makes it easier for me to travel to our parent company in Germany.”

Han Rekers, Director at Liebherr Netherlands

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